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Here’s What You Need To Know About Wisdom Teeth

Posted: 10/30/2019

Around the age of 17 or 25, you might get shocked when your dentist announces that you have wisdom teeth coming out. However, not everyone develops wisdom teeth (also referred to as third molars). Still, according to the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, about 90 percent of people with at least one impacted… Continue Reading

The Things to Know and Expect When Getting Porcelain Veneers

Posted: 09/25/2019

Have you always wanted to reinvent your smile? Well, with today’s technological advancements, it is now easier than ever for everyone to achieve the smile they have always dreamed of. That is thanks to the availability of cosmetic dentistry treatments, including porcelain veneers—one of the most popular services availed by many people. Continue Reading

Learning About Dental Crowns

Posted: 08/15/2019

A damaged tooth is an absolute bummer. It affects the way a person speaks, eat, and chew. Aside from that, a person’s confidence is depleted. Luckily, here at Marbella Dentistry, dental crowns (also referred to as caps) are available as a way of saving the affected tooth. Crowns are fully cemented into place,… Continue Reading

Get the Smile You’ve Been Aiming for in Six Short Months!

Posted: 07/10/2019

For people who have always been conscious of their misaligned teeth, undergoing orthodontic treatments is the best solution. However, the unsightliness of the metal components used and the duration of its wear are some of the factors that turn people off. The good news is, there are now several options people can choose… Continue Reading

Dental 101: Facts About Children’s Teeth

Posted: 06/30/2019

Most people may already know that the teeth’s surface is considered as the strongest substance in the body, even stronger than the bones. However, they are the only part of the body that cannot repair themselves. Knowing these interesting facts can make anyone think of how amazing and mysterious the teeth are. Even parents may… Continue Reading

Easy Teeth Repair with Dental Crowns in Cibolo, TX

Posted: 05/30/2019

The teeth are strong; but if you are not careful enough, they can break and chip. Enamel, the hardest substance that encases the teeth, can even wear out over time. Some of the factors that can harm the pearly whites include the consumption of acidic drinks, not using mouthguards when playing contact sports, the exposure… Continue Reading

Things to Know About Tooth Pain – Cibolo, TX

Posted: 04/30/2019

Those sharp, throbbing or excruciating pain in the tooth should not be disregarded. Whether it’s minor or intense, a toothache needs immediate relief. People can do several things to ease tooth pain. They may resort to DIYs, natural remedies, or over-the-counter pain relievers but nothing can be compared with the solution that a dental professional… Continue Reading

Replacing Lost Teeth in Cibolo, TX with the Help of Dental Implants!

Posted: 03/01/2019

Despite the advancements in dentistry, there are still many cases of tooth loss. People are constantly reminded of performing proper hygiene practices and scheduling dental visits. However, there are various reasons for a person to lose a tooth or two and it is not just because of inadequate oral care. Injuries and complications can also… Continue Reading

Reasons to Hate Braces and Love Invisalign – Cibolo, TX

Posted: 01/25/2019

What kind of orthodontic patient are you? If you find squared brackets, metal wires, and rubber bands still favorable, then you are probably stuck in the dark ages. Today, almost a majority of people do not consider getting braces for their smiles already. They are more motivated to adapt to modern dentistry which provides them… Continue Reading