Painless Dental Injections

Is a painless dental injection really possible? At Marbella Dentistry, the answer is yes! We offer a comfort injection process that uses DentalVibe technology to eliminate pain when getting a shot.

For many patients, it is not the pain of a filling or crown that causes anxiety; it is typically the fear of the anesthetic injection that precedes the treatment. Fortunately, modern dental technology has delivered a way to address this fear and eliminate discomfort while receiving a shot in the dental chair.

Marbella Dentistry has adopted a specific injection process to ensure patients are kept in a relaxed and positive state from the moment they sit down until they walk out of the office. By using a high-strength numbing gel and warmed anesthetic solution, your discomfort can be significantly reduced. However, our secret weapon in delivering painless injections is our DentalVibe technology.

DentalVibe is a revolutionary system that works by creating a vibration along your gum tissues. This sends a signal to the sensory area of your brain and forces the brain to focus on the vibration instead of the pain of the injection. DentalVibe is a unique, non-invasive device that can transform the way you receive dental care. Patients who experience dental fear or anxiety find that the DentalVibe is all they need to feel comfortable in the dental chair. This comfort system unit works so well that most patients report being completely unaware of the fact that they just received an injection.

Your smile is important. Whether you are getting a restorative dental procedure to reestablish the health of your smile or you are enhancing the look of your smile with cosmetic dentistry, DentalVibe may be all it takes for you to confidently take advantage of the dental care you need and deserve.


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