The JawDropper™: A Win-Win Solution

Do you dread having to hold your jaw open during a dental procedure? This is a common struggle for a large number of patients. Not only does this tend to increase patient discomfort and anxiety, but it can also reduce your dentist's ability to provide effective dental care. Marbella Dentistry proudly offers a win-win solution for both patient and dental professional using The JawDropper™.

How Does It Work?

The JawDropper™ is a small and simple dental isolation device that makes it easier to create a wider and longer mouth opening. It contains a tooth-engaging section on one end, which rests comfortably on the lower teeth. The other end has a handle that is held by the patient. At the patient's control, the device can be pulled downward, thus opening the jaw. The JawDropper™ allows the mouth to stay open during long procedures while the jaw muscles remain relaxed. This revolutionary comfort device incorporates suction and a saliva ejector, which gives the dentist an optimal workspace and added comfort and convenience for the patient.

The Highlighted Benefits

Whether you are just having a cleaning or you need lengthy restorative work, the overwhelming advantage of using The JawDropper™ is increased comfort. This is a solution that benefits both patient and dentist in the following ways:

Better Access: The JawDropper™ allows the mouth to open even wider than it would if the patient was not using the device. The suction feature also takes care of pooled saliva or water in the mouth without added steps.

More Efficient: Without having to take breaks for the patient to rest their jaw, The JawDropper™ can mean a more time-efficient dental procedure. This helps both patient and professional.

No fatigue: Using this device can eliminate pain, discomfort and muscular fatigue in the jaw. Even other mouth prop devices or bite blocks can eventually cause sore jaw muscles.

Patient Control: This is especially beneficial for patients who suffer from anxiety, as anxiety often exaggerates pain. The JawDropper™ is completely controlled by the patient, which significantly reduces patient anxiety throughout the procedure.

At Marbella Dentistry, we make it a priority to adopt the latest technology and methods that can improve your dental chair experience. Discover for yourself what comfortable and rewarding dental care feels like at our unique dental practice in Cibolo.


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