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Sedation Dentistry

A visit to the dentist can produce extreme anxiety for some people. It is not unusual to feel some apprehension when it comes to dental work. However, some people are apt to be considerably more nervous about it than others. As part of our family dentistry treatments at Marbella Dentistry, we are equipped to help you relax and get through your visit with ease. We have sedation methods which we will explore with you to determine which one best suits your needs. If you are a person who is fearful of dental treatment or have anxiety about dental procedures, talk to us and we will walk you through the options.

One approach involves medicine which we can administer to patients with high anxiety levels. This relaxes them completely so they have a comfortable visit while we tend to their dental care. We make the best use of this time by completing as much of the treatment plan as is realistic. After the work is done, the patient regains alertness feeling refreshed.

Another approach is IV sedation. Patients who suffer from moderate to severe dental anxiety, have difficulty getting numb, have an extremely low tolerance for pain, or who suffer from a severe gag reflex can benefit the most from IV sedation. IV sedation allows patients to be in a completely relaxed state while still being conscious throughout a dental procedure. Vital signs are always monitored through IV dental sedation, and the sedation treatment will be administered through an intravenous drip by our trained and certified IV sedation dentist.

Nitrous Oxide is Available

Another method of sedation is the use of nitrous oxide, often called laughing gas. This option also helps relieve anxiety and lightens the mood. This particular method helps children and teens who may feel fearful. Nitrous oxide is also a good choice for patients who have physical or mental impairment that could make a visit to the dentist worrisome or uncomfortable. It helps the patient relax so that they will have a better experience.

Before administering any sedation, it is critical to review your health history. We take into consideration all medications and supplements you are taking and we ask about your habits such as smoking and alcohol intake. After examining the health history and making the determination that you are a good candidate for sedation, we will then go over the steps to prepare for your dental sedation visit. We carefully screen all sedation patients at Marbella Dentistry because your health and safety come first. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We are committed to ensuring that you have a good dental experience.

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