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Dental Implants

Missing teeth or teeth that need to be extracted can create problems and affect your oral health and your appearance. One restorative dentistry option for solving the problems caused by missing teeth is to invest in dental implants. Bone loss occurs in those areas where teeth have been extracted. Dental implants require a minor surgical procedure that can help prevent that from happening. Small titanium screw shape posts are placed in the area where normally the roots of the teeth would be. Next, porcelain crowns are placed on top of the posts. These crowns look and feel like natural teeth. Not only will you be able to eat better, your appearance will be improved as well.

Implant Restoration

When teeth are missing, bone loss occurs. Over time, the remaining teeth can shift out of position causing alignment problems. Misaligned teeth can create spaces where food can get trapped making dental caries more likely. By investing in dental implants, these problems are less likely to develop. The implants preserve the bone tissue of affected area.

Implants can be used in a few different ways. Single tooth implants replace one tooth and they have the highest success rate of all implants. Multi-tooth implants function more like a bridge with the implants on either side of a gap where three or more teeth are missing. Implant supported dentures work in the same way, only they support the entire line of teeth on the upper or lower jaw lines. A plus to implant supported dentures is that they don’t shift around. There is a locking mechanism that keeps them in place so you can be confident in your eating and speaking.

The success rate of dental implants is very high. On the rare occasion that an implant fails it is usually due to oral hygiene factors such as lack of regular dental cleanings. Bacteria can damage implants and without good oral hygiene these harmful germs proliferate and cause problems. Sometimes the body will reject implants because the patient grinds their teeth or clenches the jaw often. If you choose to invest in dental implants at Marbella Dentistry, we will educate you on the proper care and maintenance. Contact our practice today to schedule a consultation to find out if this tooth replacement option is best for you.

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