A Simple Procedure for Whiter Teeth

We have a variety of whitening products from which to choose, all of which are high quality products from known leaders like Discus Dental and Ultradent. The whitening products we use at Marbella Dentistry are safe and produce results in a short period of time. Enter our office with dull, stained teeth and within an hour you could leave with a smile three to eight shades brighter. As with all other dental procedures at Marbella Dentistry, we use gentle touch and make sure you are comfortable during the teeth whitening process.

Contact our office today to book an appointment or to talk to one of our knowledgeable dental care professionals and find out which whitening system is going to be best for you. We also offer take-home options to keep your smile bright. Do not let the stains from tea, coffee, berries, wine and other substances keep your teeth looking dingy. Let us provide you with a brighter, whiter smile today.

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