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The Scary Truth About DIY Teeth Whitening in Cibolo, TX

Posted: 10/31/2018

Creating something DIY could save you a lot of money. Aside from cultivating your creativity, it can also be a fun experience – but – the idea of making DIY for your teeth like the horrible DIY braces is a scary thing. Yes, DIY is fun but don’t make fun of your teeth.

Marbella Dentistry offers Teeth Whitening Services to provide patients with whiter, healthier teeth. This practical and safe treatment will enhance the patient’s smile and confidence. Stop dull, stained teeth and invest in a Teeth-Whitening Treatment!

Because nobody prefers yellow teeth, many people spent millions to have their teeth whitened. Yet, there are some who thought of hitting two birds in one stone by choosing DIY teeth whitening to pay less. Nevertheless, trying to whiten your teeth in your way is risky and dangerous. Here are some scary truth about DIY teeth whitening and why we should avoid them:

  • Repeatedly using over-the-counter teeth whitening products might cause damage to your teeth. It may contain ingredients that have abrasive properties which cause the enamel of the teeth to wear off making it more prone to turn yellow in the long run. DIY baking soda teeth whitening mixture is one of best the example of this.

  • The high content of hydrogen peroxide in your DIY teeth whitening kit can cause to gum damages including gum infections and gum shrinkage.

  • Commercially bought teeth whitening products cannot guarantee an effective result.

  • If you have cracks on your teeth, the bleach can cause you an extreme toothache.

  • Other store-bought teeth whitening products contain harsh chemicals that might cause severe chemical burns.

  • Ingesting teeth whitening substances like hydrogen peroxide is dangerous and can cause extensive burns to the throat and stomach.

DIY teeth whitening might be a good idea if you want to spend less. However, the risk of paying a higher amount of money due to the problems caused by the failed DIY teeth whitening treatment is awful. It is always best to let the dentist professionally do the procedure.

Let us help you improve the appearance and form of your teeth! Book your appointment with us at Marbella Dentistry for your Cosmetic Dentistry services in Cibolo. We are located at 791 FM1103 #119, Cibolo, TX 78108.