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Ultrasonic Cleanings in Cibolo, TX Will Make Your Smile Extra Clean!

Posted: 02/01/2019

Old school is cool – but not in dentistry. If there is something that dental practitioners are much thankful for, it is the technological advances. Can you imagine how dentistry had come a long way? Let’s go back to the time when teeth extractions were solely a job of the barbers and restoring a tooth is quite a hassle. Instead of using a natural-looking prosthesis, people in the past utilized seashells and even the teeth of a deceased human. These horrible practices were all eliminated thanks to the dawn of modern technology.

Little by little, dental services multiplied. The availability of the vast selections of general, restorative, periodontal, and cosmetic dental care became good news for many people. Improvements are significantly visible even in standard teeth cleaning procedures. You may notice your dental hygienist using upgraded dental instruments to clean your teeth. These contemporary dental tools are favorable compared to the traditional type.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: A Superior Method

Here at Marbella Dentistry, we are proud to offer patients with Ultrasonic Cleanings service. Hand tools may be gentler on the teeth, but when it comes to functionality, ultrasonic devices work best! Curious about how ultrasonic instruments benefit patients? Read on below!

Benefits Of Ultrasonic Dental Devices

  • If you are someone who dislikes staying too long in the dental chair for teeth cleanings, ultrasonic devices are useful. They are much efficient than conventional dental tools.
  • The best thing about the advanced dental cleaning system is that it deeply cleans the teeth and the portion below the gum line, freeing them from plaque more effectively. In return, gum disease is prevented.
  • Another superb advantage of the ultrasonic method is its ability to whiten the person’s teeth by getting rid of the unwanted stains clinging on their surfaces.
  • Deep grooves and pits? It is not a problem with ultrasonic cleaning!

Truly, the ultrasonic system improves not just the person’s overall oral health but their dental experience as well.

Got more questions about Ultrasonic Cleanings in Cibolo, TX? Contact us at Marbella Dentistry. We are ready to answer all your queries regarding the treatment. Feel free to visit us at 791 FM1103 #119, Cibolo, TX 78108.